Counseling can be very useful in providing a confidential setting where one can engage in dialogue with a licensed professional to obtain the much-needed tools to navigate everyday life. Counseling also helps people to set relevant goals and gain coping skills to navigate everyday life.

Cigna has partnered with the NFL to provide players (active and former) and their families 8 sessions of counseling visits per issue through the Player Counseling and Assistance Program. Cigna’s dedicated staff of personal advocates can get you the information you need and guide you toward a possible solution.

Activate This Benefit

How Cigna NFL Work/Life Resources Can Assist You:

  • Receive guidance to help resolve your concerns
  • Get the assistance you need when you’re in a crisis situation
  • Ask for a referral to a variety of resources in your community
  • Get access to discounts on many health and wellness products through the Healthy Rewards Program.

Get the support you need right at your fingertips

  • Search for a mental health or substance abuse professional in your network
  • Get educational materials on almost any life issue
  • Take a self-assessment to see how you are doing

In addition, these resources are also available to anyone that lives in your household.

For more information on the benefits provided by the NFL Players Assistance & Counseling Services call 1-866-421-8628.

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