First Game Memories

Cosey Coleman


On His First NFL Memory:

It was Week 1 of the 2000 regular season, and as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer we traveled to New England. I'm a rookie coming from the University of Tennessee, and my first impression was how awful the Patriots locker room and facilities were.

My rookie season I was on first-team field goal, but I saw limited action in short yardage and goal line situations as well as coming off the bench. We would move starting left guard Randle McDaniel to the backfield for the goal line or short yardage situations, and I would come in at left guard. I was guaranteed at least two plays because a player can't go from the backfield to play on the line without taking a play off. Therefore, McDaniel would have to sit out a play if we were able to move ball allowing me to get another play. 

Well, the stage is set. We're on the road in New England on the second play of this exact situation. We've just got a 1st down. McDaniel exits, and QB Shaun King calls the next play, 97 Power, which calls for right guard to pull to the left. On the snap of ball I pull to the right, running directly into the right guard pulling left. WOW. 

At that very moment I realized, "Oh crap". I've messed up. I couldn't believe that was really happening. Thank god we won the game, which made for some good rookie hazing on Monday morning. For the record, I played and practiced at right guard my entire career. I had 5 starts at left guard which came several years later.

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