First Game Memories

Bernard Robertson


On His First NFL Snap:

My very first snap happened to be my very first start as a second year player, playing out of position, just being thrown in the game. And it happened to be against my hometown team, which garnered big fanfare from everyone in my family, so they were all cheering for the home team, and not my team.

The nervousness was there – the butterflies in my stomach – and my only thought was, “Don’t beat the snap count, don’t jump offsides.” And sure enough, in the middle of the cadence, I jumped offsides!

Its kind of like that first hit in the boxing match, once you get hit you can move forward. After that I was pretty calm, it all came back down to, “Bernard, you know you’ve got this, you’ve done it a million times before, just clear your mind, reset, get back down, and let’s do it again.”