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The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) is proud to partner with one of the nation’s premier medical providers - Cleveland Clinic - to conduct its Healthy Body and Mind Screening program.

This FREE national screening program is open to all former NFL players and includes a series of private and confidential cardiovascular and prostate screenings and mental health resources and education. NFL Player Care Foundation screenings are offered as part of PCF’s research programs, which help to advance public awareness and scientific understanding of health issues that affect former NFL players.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Apr. 21 & 22, 2017

Florida Golf Resort - PGA National Resport & Spa
400 Ave. of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33415

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To register for a screening please visit or contact Dana Lihan at dana.lihan@NFL.COM | 954.639.4584

An Overview of the NFL Player Care Foundation Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program

Welcome to the Player Care Foundation (PCF) Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program. The NFL PCF is an independent organization dedicated to helping retired players improve their quality of life. PCF addresses all aspects of life – medical, emotional, financial, social, and community; providing resources, programs and assistance in each area.

Together with our partner Tulane University/Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine we conduct state-of-the-art cardiovascular screenings, prostate testing and offer mental health education and resource services. Screenings are open to all former NFL players at sites nationwide. Our goal is to empower you with information about your cardiovascular, prostate and mental health. As a participant in this very valuable program, it is important to understand what will occur on the day of testing. Scheduled Cardiovascular and Prostate Tests and Mental Health Services:

  Blood Profiling – You will receive a unique cardiovascular blood profile that will not only evaluate the standard cholesterol measures, but also assess lipoprotein (a) (a cholesterol particle linked to cardiovascular risk), fasting blood glucose and HbA1c (diabetes detection testing), complete blood count (gives information about blood cells and can identify problems such as anemia), comprehensive metabolic profile (measures kidney function, liver function and electrolyte balance) and thyroid stimulating hormone (measures thyroid gland function).
• Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test (for men 50 years and older) -- This test measures the level of the antigen in your blood. Very little PSA is found in the blood of a man with a completely healthy prostate. This test will only be conducted if clinically indicated by age and other risk factors. Please fast for eight hours prior to testing to ensure the most accurate results. If you are scheduled in the afternoon, you may eat a light breakfast.
• Coronary Calcium Scoring with Fast CT Heartscan – An evaluation for the presence of early atherosclerosis in the arteries of your heart as evidenced by coronary artery calcium.
• Carotid Plaque Assessment – An assessment of the presence of atherosclerosis in the arteries of your neck.
• Cardiovascular Echocardiography Screening – An ultrasound of your heart to assess heart size, function, valves, muscle, and anatomy.
Cardiovascular Electrocardiogram Screening – A measurement of the heart's electrical activity.
• Cardiovascular Blood Pressure Assessment – Three measurements of your blood pressure in the sitting position will be taken at one minute intervals.
• Cardiovascular Anthropometric Measurements – The evaluation of waist-tohip ratio, neck circumference, height, weight, and body mass index to assist in determining cardiovascular risk.
• Cardiovascular Medical History
Sleep Apnea Risk Assessment 
• Prostate and Sexual Health Assessment
• Mental Health Education and Resources – You will have the opportunity to talk to a mental health counselor and learn about basic resources that are available for you and your family in dealing with transitions, resiliency and regular stressors in your day-to-day life. You will also learn about the NFL Neurological Care Program. Families are encouraged to participate in this station, along with players.
•  Final summary of results – Within a few weeks, you will be provided with a complete summary of your results with some basic interpretations and recommendations that will assist you and your medical team in taking the appropriate follow-up actions.

Your participation in the Player Care Foundation screenings is entirely voluntary and your results will be handled with strict confidentiality. You may opt out of testing at any time, should this be your desire. You will receive more detailed information when you arrive and will have ample opportunity to discuss all tests with medical experts on site.