301: Growing My Business

This offering is for you if you have been in business for a few years. Overall, these years, while challenging, have been successful — you are generating income, have employees and have satisfied customers/clients. Your next challenge is to grow and scale your business. You want to do this in a way that maintains all of the good things that you have worked so hard to accomplish while learning new skills to take your business to the next level.

You would find it very beneficial if you could get access to a program that provides answers to your growth questions, introduces you to a network of peer senior business leaders and also gives you the opportunity to spend time with successful business leaders. That's 301 Growing My Business!

The 301 Growing My Business session has been created specifically to assist business leaders seeking to grow their enterprise. In a dynamic classroom setting, 301 Growing My Business provides practical information and stresses applied learning using examples from your business, lectures, case studies, and in-depth discussions. This session delivers the key insights needed to develop a clear understanding of what it takes to grow a business. In partnership with The Trust, Babson Executive Education has developed this custom 5-day learning workshop for former players who are also business leaders.

The program is presented by Babson College faculty who work with you to:

  • Determine your strategic capability
  • Understand the avenues of growth
  • Understand customer acquisition & retention
  • Use performance measures to lead and motivate
  • Assess your leadership style
  • Recognize the interaction between marketing and brand
  • Use social media to grow the business
  • Understand the financials for growth

A Unique Learning Environment

Unique to this program is individualized one-on-one coaching for each former player business leader. Included in the program are two coaching sessions — one during the program and one following the program. The intent of these confidential sessions is to discuss your specific situation and challenges, and for you to share in the insight and direct experience of Babson faculty who have been successful business leaders in their own right. This leader, while offering counsel and advice, will provide insights and perspectives from their own business experience.

Action-Based Learning

Each session features a carefully designed blend of lectures, group work, and hands-on action-based learning. In addition, participants work in teams and receive direct advice from faculty members about potential risk and barriers to success.

Gain A New Perspective

Because 301 Growing My Business is designed for former player business leaders, participants will find themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals who may be facing similar challenges or business leaders who have overcome some of the challenges that you face. Through focused conversations, exercises and informal interactions, former players gain insight from others in the classroom, as well as from the faculty.

2018 Dates: July 23 - July 27

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